Software Engineering

More and more companies rely on software to run their business. Finding high quality engineers is a constant challenge. Our engineers are here to either consult and educate your engineering teams and business side about potential issues, but also to do hands-on engineering if required. We bring the experience of building large software projects from scratch and scaling them. The main challenge is to automate as many steps as possible in order to reduce errors and increase efficiency. In all software related tasks we are guided by our software engineering principles.

Software Development Life Cycle

The software development life cycle is at the core of technology projects and engineering teams. Changing the life cycle often means changing teams and how they interact. We belive in automating as many steps of the software development life cycle as possible so that engineers can focus on building the product. The challenge is to focus on both quality and simplicity. We believe it is crucial to introduce technical standards and quality metrics in order to reach quality as well as simplicity.

We support you from day one in setting up the software development lifecycle, in optimizing existing ones or in guiding you through a change and restructuring the process with your teams.

Quality Control

Building software is like building a house or a car. If you want to build it for the long run, the foundation must be good. Quality in Software projects matters from day one. If you struggle with the quality of the software written by your engineers or the number of problems in production, we can analyse where the problems come from and support you in making the necessary changes. We can support you in introducing simple things such as Git and Jenkins or also help you to introduce Continuous Delivery.


Our engineers can support your team on a temporary basis to introduce new technologies or to make a shift in your architecture. For us it is always important to think for the long term and to build up an internal team that builds and runs the software in the long run.