Technology Advisory

Nowadays, technology plays a critical role in almost any company. In the beginning, it is crucial to select the right technologies. Picking the wrong technologies can not only cost money but also slow down the company’s growth and lead to building up technical debt early on. If you are building a product but miss the technical experience or need to understand what is currently happenining, we are the right partner to talk to. If you are looking for hands-on software engineering, look here.

Technology Decisions

We can provide a second opinion on technology decisions and support you in making the right decision from day one. For technology advisory to be successful, we see it as critical to collaborate closely with the internal technology team, as the team has to implement the decisions and changes that are involved in the process.

Tools are a central part of software development. We can advise you on picking the right tools.

CTO or VP Engineering

During the first phase of building a product, it is crucial to make the right technology decisions, structure the team in the right way and implement the right tools, since otherwise these things will accumulate as technical debt, which again will slow down the development in the long run. To prevent this, it is often necessary to have a strong technical lead who understands which tools and processes are needed in every stage of the product.

If you are building up a company and need an intermediate CTO or VP Engineering to push your teams forward until you find an internal solution, we can support you. With our experience in building up companies and products from scratch we know what is needed with a team of 1-2 engineers, but also with a team growing into multiple engineering teams.

We can support you in building up the engineering teams and in making sure your teams implement the right measurements and automation from day one. Our goals is to create a stable foundation, which can either be handed over to an internal solution or to a CTO / VP Engineer that is hired into the company.

Every company has a different set of values and a different environment. To have most efficient engineers, it is critical to find the engineers that match your culture. We support you in finding the right people to build up a strong engineering team.


If you are an investor who invests into software companies and needs a second opinion about the technology itself or if you plan to acquire a small company, we can support you in the process.

With our background in advising investments in tech companies, we have a process for doing technical due diligence and we can provide you with a detailed feedback on the state of the technology and teams of the company.

Open Source Projects

Open source is at the core of the software we build. We not only use open source, but also contribute back and have experience in creating open source projects. A successful open source project not only needs to be public but also a community needs to be built around it.

Having an open source project with an active community brings several advantages. Additional engineers on the project and faster finding of bugs are only a few. We can support you from the initial idea of creating and publishing an open source project to building a successful community around the project.

To get some insights on what an open source project could look like, take a look at Elastica which is one of the projects we initiated.