Make your business more efficient
through automation

Xodoa is specialized in automating everything through software to make your business more efficient. We advise and consult you on all tech matters, with a focus on modern technology and innovation. With our hands-on experience in building tech companies from the ground up, we support you in making the right technical decisions from day one. Furthermore, we offer to jump in as a temporary VP Engineering or CTO to get your project off the ground and build up a tech team.

Software Engineering

Our engineers are here to either consult and educate your engineering teams and business side about potential issues, but also to do hands-on engineering and help speed up your software development life cycle.

Technology Advisory

Selecting the right technologies is a crucial step in building a company or a product. Picking the wrong technologies can not only cost money, but also slow down the company's growth and lead to building up technical debt early on.

Cloud Computing

Running services on top of a private or public cloud gets more and more popular. With our experience of various cloud platforms, we support you in the decision process as well as the actual deployment of the services.

Data Analytics

Managing and leveraging data sets is crucial to generate value for the business. Our engineers are here to help you to store, process and access your data the right way. We are specialized in Elasticsearch and the Elastic stack.


We are a technology consulting company located near Zurich, Switzerland. Software is changing our world and Xodoa supports companies in being part of this change. Automation through software is at the core of everything we do. The solutions we offer are for the long run. Quality is therefore our highest priority.


Nicolas Ruflin, the founder and lead of Xodoa, is an engineer and sports enthusiast aiming for automating everything through software and embracing the constancy of change. Every day, Nicolas pushes Xodoa forward into new areas.


Xodoa frequently supports and organises events for engineers and tech people to come together, share ideas and push them forward. These events are a good place to get in contact with us. Two currently supported events are the Elastic Meetup Switzerland and Webilea. Sign up for the events to join us. If you need help running your own tech events, contact us.


Xodoa GmbH
Höhenweg 60
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